Sunday, July 17, 2011

Winding Down

This cruise is coming to an end.  The science party and crew are excited to get back to solid ground.  Scientifically, we achieved nearly all of our goals and collected a great data set for studying air-sea gas exchange. The process of analyzing the data will continue once we are back home.  In the process, we have learned a lot about our own measurements and those of the other groups on the cruise.  Bringing in a diverse group resulted in new collaborations and discussions of future research.

For us, the blog has been a way to document this experience, and to keep family and friends updated on where we have been.  It has also been a way to communicate what we do to a broader audience.  The blog has been more successful than expected.  Over the course of the cruise we had over 1600 hits from 10 countries.  Having a lot of young scientists onboard who are savvy with social media was helpful.  Thanks for reading and sharing this experience with us!
Complete BLOOMCRUISE 2011 track totaled more than 7500 km.